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BOD Personal Care

Project Includes:
Logo Design + Branding
Package Design
Web / UI+UX

Step inside bathrooms used by more than one person and you’ll find multiple sets of shower essentials, creating extra clutter. Not only do these extra products take up space, but they’re also creating extra waste and adding additional costs to your grocery bill. BOD is a non-gendered personal care brand with a simple, stripped down approach that can be used on any body. Since the branding doesn’t take on any particular masculine or feminine energies, the focus is a more playful tone. Expressive type, bright photography, and cheeky copy come together to create a fun brand that makes the product exciting to buy, use, and share with others. 

Final logo-10.png
Final logo-07.png
Final logo-01.png
OUTER BOX - shampoo
OUTER BOX - conditioner
OUTER BOX - body wash

Packaging - Box front

Packaging - Bottle labels

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Mobile Copy 2.png
Mobile Copy 3.png

Instagram Ads

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Mobile Copy.png

Instagram Story

Desktop Copy.png

Landing Page

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Email Blast

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