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The Candied Yam Rebrand

Project Includes:
Logo Redesign + Branding
Print Ads


The Candied Yam is a soul food joint serving west Michigan customers looking for a home cooked meal at a reasonable price. As a small business, The Candied Yam spends most of their time and energy focusing on creating quality dishes for their customer and connecting through community outreach, so their visual brand hasn’t been given much attention. I wanted highlight the brand’s warm personality and make references to a homey environment, which the team has been able to do within the restaurant. Experiences with the Candied Yam’s brand should reinforce the love and care put into the food and customer service as well as the nostalgia many feel for soul food. 

FINAL LOGO_LOGO full color.png
FINAL LOGO_LOGO mono color.png
poster_mockup 2.png
Artboard 1_0.5x.png
Artboard 2_0.5x.png
MacBook Pro on Table 1.png
MacBook 1 Mockup.png
home page edited.png
vv copy.png

Ordering Page

Landing Page

The candied yam menu.jpg


final - Menu Mockup 1.png
The candied yam menu2.jpg


to-go Bag mockup edited copy.jpg
To-go packaging edited.jpg

To-go Packaging


Market Meals Packaging

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