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Project Includes:
Logo + Branding
Situational Airport Billboard
4-part Backlit

In order to combat the sterile feel of other platforms and create more genuine moments on-screen video conferencing software, Yakling, sought to create a more cozy, welcoming space. To make it feel as comfortable as an in-person encounter, the campaign considers the behind-the-scene moments we miss from in-person interactions while on-screen and brings some of those elements (like hand-sketched doodles) into a digital space In addition to more standard out-of-home and print advertisements, this campaign targets those more likely to find interest in a global audience (personally or professionally) by placing advertising throughout the journey of flying commercially in the form of terminal murals and in-context billboards. 

airport ternimal wall banner

Outdoor Airport Mural

final print ads-04.png
final print ads-02.png

Print (Publication) Ads

airport 4-part.png
airport ternimal banners-18.png
airport ternimal banners-15.png
airport ternimal banners-16.png
airport ternimal banners-17.png
Yakling Website 2.png
macbook pro on table - landing pg.png
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