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stellas back mural.png

Stellas Logo Redesign + Retail Experience

Project Includes:
Logo Design + Branding
Print - Menus and Posters
Site specific Ad

Stella’s lounge is a dark, punk-rock themed restaurant & bar downtown Grand Rapids that offers food, drinks, pinball machines, and tunes but never functions as a music venue. Down the street you’ll find the Pyramid Scheme, who offers a limited selection of beers, primarily serving as an alternative music and pinball machine venue. This rebrand and campaign for Stella’s Lounge associates them with the Pyramid Scheme and their mutual goal of creating a more casual, comfortable nightlife scene downtown. This campaign highlights the punk rock roots shared by the brands in order to reach the cool, edgy young adults that feel out of place while visiting the downtown area for events at the small music venue. 


The message suggests heading to Stella’s after a show as a way to “recharge” after the show (or to just keep the party going), tying in the fun, party energy and neon lights found at both locations. 

Logo Final-03.png

Inspired by the neon lights and art on-site, this new logo emphasizes

the restaurant’s edgy aesthetic that gets lost in the current design.

While the edgier look will be appreciated by a more alternative

audience, sophisticated type in the logo should appeal the the more

mainstream, middle-class audience brought in by Stella’s reputation

of being the “best burger in GR”.

Logo Redesign

Logo Final - solid-02.png
Logo Final - solid-01.png
Stellas Poster mockup.png
back, facing top.png

To-go menu

inside, mostly open.png
to-go Bag Mockups.png
final - In-context view.png
edited - VINYL PANELS3.png
edited - VINYL PANELS2.png

Since the two locations are only 140 ft apart, it’s a quick trip from the Pyramid Scheme to Stellas. This handy ad will lead you straight there with neon lights placed along the path and bookended by vinyl stickers suggesting a trip to Stella’s (“to keep the party going”). 

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